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Custom Shop Streamer Stage Ii 6-string Video

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  1. Sean Fairchild
    "Dream bass: Masterbuilt Streamer Stage II 6-string"
    Pros - It's a Streamer Stage II, but with 6 strings. So, obvious win.
    Cons - I would say that "stock" pickups are not as versatile as dual coils, but then again nothing is really stock on this since it's a custom creation.
    I've played a Streamer Stage II 5 string for more than 15 years - it is my go to bass. When I started playing 6 string about 8 years ago, I wished there were a 6 string option for that bass. At that time, Warwick wouldn't even create one, regardless of cost (not that I had unlimited funds anyway). Things have thankfully changed!

    I've written a lot about this bass, the new 2016 MEC preamp, recorded other videos with it at www.youtube.com/user/spfairchild. I'll let all that content do the talking.