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'91 Dolphin Pro1 Bn5

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    I started with a pick, ended with fingers.
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    Hidden Neck-Through
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    2-Parts Warwick Machined bronze
    Two Bartolinis twinJ
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  1. Henrythe8
    "Dolphin Pro1 5BN 1991"
    Pros - It's a Dolphin
    It's a Broadneck
    it's rare and desireable
    Cons - It's a Dolphin (For those who don't like the shape)
    It's a broadneck (for those wou prefer narrow string spacing)
    It's rare and desireable (so hard to find)
    I'm a Dolphin Hoarder. And when I had the opportunity to catch this one, I missed it at first. But I didn't spoil my second chance and got it.
    I wanteed it because, well, it' a Dolphin, it's rare, and it has a BroadNeck, with a standard string spacing, so the neck is large.
    My 5erBN is named Evie.

    The specs of the '91 5erBN are quite normal, the "extra" features that you don't find are the Boiré body, the Bartolini's P'ups and the BroadNeck option. This option is very common and is even standard on the Streamer Stage I. On the Dolphin, it give a slightly bloated look to the bass, due to the enlarged neck.

    Evie weights 5.2kg (11.46 pounds for those who can't keep with metric). It's heavy. But I can play over two hours without feeling this weight. The bass blances very well.

    Evie has been tempered with. The MEC electronics are gone, it's been replaced by a NOLL 2-bands, that is now replaced by a Spector TonePump preamp. A switch has been added to have the Bartolini Humbucker in series, parralel and... single coils. Very nice addition, this switch. A ramp has been installed, there are holes between the pickups. Tose have been filled, but you can see the "damage" when close enough.
    I don't care, a bass has to have life, and I tend to prefer toys that have been played (you remember Stinky Pete in Toy Story 2 ? You see what happens to toys that have never been played with ? :) )

    So, getting to play Evie was a challenge, I was not sure about the 5-strings thing. I got hooked up pretty quickliy. The BroadNeck allowed me to find my marrks fairly quick. On narrow spaced 5ers, I tend to mess with my right fingers and jump over strings with my left ones. Like adding a story to a building without enlarging it. Yes, you have more surface, but your head hits the ceiling constantly. Here, it's natural position, just have to think "there's a basement".

    That Low B is tight and defined. Better than the other 5ers I had (Squier Jazz Deluxe and Squier VM Precision 5, those also having a wide nut). The neck is typical early 90's Warwick, very slim, very comfortable.

    Soundwise, with the TonePump, I turned it into a rock monster. The Noll was an audiophile preamp, very defined, very transparent. The tonepump adds just what the Bartolini needs in color. The switch allows multiple combinations, and you can achieve a decent Jazz Sound, a good burpy Jaco, a decent copy of a musicman-like bass, a very good impression of a p-bass.

    But to be honest, you won't care about mimicing a P or a J bass. With the two humbuckers in serial, preamp on full, just just have a booming, llamma whipping, Octopus' anus removing, chainsaw-rocket propelling war machine. Fingers, slap (thank you the broadneck I can slap on a 5er), pick, the result is EXACTLY what I expected, an extremely balanced bass.
    For those of you who like cars, it's like a PininFarina designed Porsche Panamera. (or a regular panamera if you actually like the panamera. Or don't like the Dolphin looks, my metaphors have drawers, see :) )

    Since I have Evie, she gets about 50% of my playing time. And y'all know my other girls, that says a lot.

    In conclusion, well. It's a keeper. I'll probably mod it again, I might even refinish it in white. And, if I ever were to order a CS Warwick, it would definetely be A Dolphin 5er BN. The other Dolphins I have are also unique, but I would not have them new. This one, yes, is worth the 9000€ price Tag I calculated.

    Not too expensive to get a new basement, right ?
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